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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegan leanings and a place with two Suns

So I haven't blogged in over a month...ridiculous, I know! Completely unacceptable...but I lost some of my motivation after I literally reformatted a compact flash card before backing up Z's 4th birthday party photos. I can barely talk about it for fear of bawling sooo if any of you who were at the party took ANY photos, can I have copies?

Okay, now that I've come to terms with that it's time for some catch up. I'm constantly amazed by the profound things that come streaming out of my 4-year-old's mouth. Most of the time without even thinking. He's just too smart, which explains why he knows exactly which buttons to push to fire me up! grrr But all tantrum, strong-willed talk aside...that intuition about the world this child has is quite amazing. We are in a phase, and have been for the better part of a year, where most of our conversations revolved around how things work...how does the electricity get to the lights...where does it come from before it comes in our house....where does the water go when it goes down the tub drain and how big are those pipes under the house and where do they lead and ...well you get the picture.

So we're driving home from Lextown the other day and the sun is setting beautifully to the west, leaving a very dark blue sky in the east....

Z - why is the sky blue, Mommy?
Me - God made it blue (not wanting to get into the technicals of it all because that would require a google refresher for me and we were in the car)
Z - why is it blue over there and white over there (west)
Me - because the sun is setting...the earth turns away from the sun and toward the moon and it becomes night time.
Z - oh
very short pause
Z - is it night in heaven too?
Me - well I don't know all the details about heaven, but I think it's light there all the time.
Z - oh, so does heaven have two suns?
yes, it took me a bit to understand what he was saying and when I did I said hmm, that's a very profound statement Z.
Z - What was so profound about it mommy?

And I once again realize how much trouble I'm in with this one.

On another hand, he's an incredibly health-conscious little dude. Recently he begged to go to golden corral and his plate consisted of cottage cheese, applesauce, broccoli with ranch dressing, pears, pineapples, peaches and corn...he did eat a little ice cream at the end of it all. I thought it was a fluke, but not so much.

We stopped at Culver's last night before gymnastics and Z didn't know what he wanted so he asked me to read him all the things on the kid's menu. I started going down the list...chicken strips, cheeseburger, corn dog, hot dog.....and he says "A salad is what I want and applesauce." Okay that earned a giggle from the cashier and then he asked her if she could put some strawberries in a cup for him...which they did. Once again, he wanted a little ice cream and we obliged.

At least he likes beans and peanut butter and oh...cheese. So we got some protein options. Every now and then he'll want steak from the fire place...which is Z code for Azuka Japanese Steakhouse haha....but once again he's still way more into the sushi, rice and salad from there too.