heart in the clouds

Thursday, April 2, 2009

All our men?

There is a prayer the cubbies sing before snack time and Zachary makes us sing it at home as well. Usually just before dinner, but tonight he wanted it during bedtime prayers. Who am I to say no to a kid who wants to pray right?

Well he insisted on singing it himself, which is always cute...but tonight I heard this:

God our Father
God our Father
once again
we bow our heads and thank you
All our men
All our men!

I raised up my head and said "WHAT?" He just grinned, I think he knew full well what he was doing! This after a night of him introducing himself to every stranger by his full name...ZacharyHarrisNielson...all one word and said VERY fast :)

"Donald's" is a confusing place to a kid

Yesterday was beautiful and I had the bright idea we would eat outside since it's Spring Break and no church supper. My plan was the more healthy Panera, Zachary's plan was the less healthy "donald's," what he calls McDonald's. He was set on playing on the slides and eating outside so I caved and said we'd do it.

We arrived, ordered and received our junk food and made our way to the playground door. When what to our wandering eyes did appear? A bright, sunny playground behind a locked door. The fit almost immediately ensued, but we calmed it by saying we'd go talk to the manager. That didn't do much good; they said it was closed because the tubes were wet inside and it just wasn't safe. I immediately began wondering why they were wet because I obviously hadn't woken up for the monsoon the night before. I was really confused, but began to explain to Z that it just wasn't going to happen today. Before you know it, several kids were on the verge of throw downs because of that locked door!! But fortunately, mine just gazed wistfully at the bright-colored playplace through the glass window, thinking of happier days.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RIP March 2009...or wait

I have been telling everyone how thankful I am that March 2009 is finally over...and in many ways, I am. I'm glad the initial shock and grief of losing two dear friends is over. At the same time, I can't say that the past month didn't teach me lessons in unconditional love, faithfulness, kindness of strangers and the ability to explain real emotions to a preschooler. I am grateful for those lessons and I hope I don't soon forget them.

March reinforced to me that it is RIGHT to love people just for who they are, where they are and in spite of their human condition because frankly, mine isn't much better!

March taught me that it's perfectly okay to sob mercilessly in front of your family and let them comfort you by any means possible, even if it's by giving you a softball before they give you a hug.

March taught me how important friendships really are and it's made me want to be a better friend to my own friends. To really listen when they tell me how they are doing, especially if I asked in the first place.

March has taught me that it's okay to question God about his plan and to really pour out all my anger and frustration to Him. And then, wait for Him to give me some peace and a little clarity about things...and yes, I'm still waiting, but I'm not mad.

March also taught me that winter can wax and wane with teases of Spring. Just like the coldness and warmth of life itself. We often see glimpes of the warm, sunny days ahead, but the cold and dark will always return until we are finally home.