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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Eve of All Things Z

So here we are...on the eve of it all...he turns 5 tomorrow. Wow, how is that even possible? It feels like we've been barreling toward this moment for such a short time...and yet, so much has happened in 5 years.

I've noticed a lot of maturity in him lately, mixed in with a lot of immaturity of course. But we're starting to have logical conversations and he's aware that he's got some responsibilities now. Progress...for him. I find myself very emotional this week. It's like we are on the cusp of true childhood, as school years begin and life changes so rapidly and innocence begins to wain. I want him to grow up; I just don't want it going this fast!

I love that he still wants to cuddle; he still wants to hold my hand; he still wants me to read him stories. I love that he seems to constantly say "Mommy?" then wait for me to say "yes?" and then say "I love you mommy." He does it so many times a day that I've sometimes rolled my eyes, but I love it and I would never ask him to stop.

So I'm taking off work Thursday and Friday and we are going to celebrate this birthday stuff rock-star style. Tonight we go pick up Z cookies and take them to cubbies for his friends. Tomorrow more cookies go to school and he gets to be in the middle of the Montessori circle at 10 a.m. in all his fivey-glory....clad in an orange shirt with a huge "5" on the front. After that I'm taking him to a local fire station he was invited to and he'll get the royal visitor treatment. Then I have to take a birthday break and go to MOPS, where I'll probably cry because I'm away from him on his birthday!

Friday is picture day. We are so excited as it's going to be so warm...Z has never been able to have outside pics for his yearly milestones; it's just always been too cold and snowy. But this year, yes....60s, baby! Then maybe a movie or something on Friday. Saturday afternoon is the big bouncy birthday party at AirTime with 20 of his closest friends and probably the coolest Despicable Me birthday cake of all time. Whew, I'm getting tired just thinking of it all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vday at the Q!

Picked up Z from sugarland...err Montessori valentine party...yesterday afternoon and knew his gymnastics coach was in for a great evening of corn-syrup, red dye-induced fun! I about freaked out when I saw a jug of red fruit punch sitting by the school door. Eyes huge, I looked at my little bundle of conversations hearts and said "Um...please tell me you did NOT drink that stuff today."

Z: I did not drink it mommy, it has red dye and I can't have red dye and we are not allowed to have that at our school. (hey at least he knows he can't have hyper dye whew, we are learning).

Apparently some little girls' mom thought that stuff would add a lot of fun to a party for 3 to 5 year olds...we have a lot of work to do folks (channeling Jamie Oliver now), but I digress. The teachers made her take it home and never gave a drop to the kids...whew. But some candy here, a cookie there...and oops where did those red sprinkles come from...CRAP! If you're kids get overly hyper, I challenge you to look at the food dyes and the high fructose corn syrup they are consuming. Call me a paranoid quack or whatever you want, these things DO make a difference in many children's hyperactivity and behavior....especially my Z. He cannot tolerate red dye, period.

So off to gymnastics we went. I warned coach Raleigh that Z may be a little distracted and crazy, but that we'd talked about trying to control the mouth and body even when you feel like going nuts!! He wasn't deterred and said it was better for the boys to have too much energy than not enough. I think the boys have really grown on Raleigh; he does such a good job with them and they seem really attached and impressed by his crazy strength. Have to add that he put on quite a show for them, hoisting himself like a flag from the door frame, defying gravity and telling them which muscles had to be strong to do that. The boys were flabbergasted and couldn't stop talking about it all night.

We hit Q'doba after gymnastics with the Campbells. Zachary and Andrew have become pretty good friends and they enjoy hanging out. Didn't realize till we got there it was BOGO kissing night...kiss your sig. other and you get a free entree...sooo stinking crowded, but a really fun promotion no less. So we kissed in front of the cashier....Z and Andrew were being entertained by several firefighters who happened to be there. I think the guys were getting a kick out of the boys.

Z kept going over to their table and telling them all kinds of interesting information about a fuse that's freaking out in our car causing the climate control lighting to blink every once in awhile. He was holding court as usual...with them and with the people at the next table. He commands an audience most everywhere we go and I rarely know whether to try to stop him and apologize or just let him fly. I think the look on the spectator's faces usually helps me figure out when to pull him back...most of the time they get a kick out of it...but some people are just bumps on logs and apparently don't like kids...their loss :)

Firefighters told Z and Andrew they need to come by the station....think we'll do just that on Z's birthday because by my calculations, they'll be on duty again that day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting "Weddinged" again!

Ah yes, Feb. 13, 2011. According to Z mommy and daddy got "weddinged" again. Our church put together a vow renewal service and we were one of more than 40 couples to participate. We decided to make a pretty big deal of it and really solidify some things between us. It was healing, emotional and just so much darn fun.

The fun actually started last Wednesday on the way home from church. I started to explain it all to Z and get ready for the flurry of questions...and yes, there were lots. I told how mommy and daddy were going to basically "get married again." He couldn't figure out why that was necessary and kept saying they we already got "weddinged"and why would we need to do it again. I told him that he wasn't around to see if the first time and this would just reassure him that mommy and daddy really love each other and we are promising to keep our family together. Then I asked him if he'd walk me down the isle to daddy. I got a little resistance because he wanted to know how many people would be watching him. Once we reassured him we'd be walking with lots of people, he was fine with it and said "Oh yes, mommy; I'll walk you down there to daddy and I'm going to wear my best shirt and my best pants...from my sweat pants drawer." Ummm sweet, but NOO no sweatpants and a wedding dude...just wrong on so many levels. I told him we'd worry about what he would wear later.

I thought well, he's almost 5, he needs a suit and tie anyway...so yeah, went to Burlington and bought him one. Pants were huge, but the jacket covered it. Shoes were too big, we stuffed the toes with tissue paper! Got David a new suit too (guised as a valentine's present) Pants didn't fit, but the jacket worked and maybe no one could tell. My new dress was too big on top and I had to throw a black cami on last minute since we were in church afterall! Shelby Potter came over to do my hair and she rocked it...even got my grandmother's broach in there! Stupid last minute nylons were twisted so I had to make a last minute leg shaving trip before we FINALLY got to the church!

All lined up and ready to go...kids all around as the brides got ready to meet the grooms in the isle and then it happened. "MOMMY, I have to go potty BAD!" Like really? Right now? Right when we are going to walk down the isle. Other ladies were telling him to run outside and do it in the grass. He as appalled and just couldn't. I told him he'd have to hold it...and right then Kevin Cox said "Hey Z, when you get done walking your mom in...come back here and I'll take you to the potty!" OH thank you God in heaven, this kid's gonna be an excellent dad someday! So then we walked in...and Z walked back out...and I just prayed he found his way back to Kevin and ultimately Lily Sauteben who was so gracious to let him sit with her during the ceremony. Once we were reunited at the reception, Z handed me an offering envelope he'd kiped from the pew to draw on. I almost cried when I saw what he'd drawn -- a picture of Me, David and him...all holding hands, all smiling. He was so proud of himself...little cheeks turning red, dimples flashing...wow, I was so in love with my little family at that moment! My how God has blessed us; I mean really blessed us!

Once we got home, I asked Z which one in the picture was him...thinking it was the small one on the left. But he said no..."I'm the one in the middle and you guys are both holding my hands...and I'm swinging up and down and then I'm flipping over..."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The K word

Okay, so I guess I've been too obsessed with trying to figure out where my little "einstein" needs to attend elementary school, to actually fathom that he will be old enough to attend elementary school at all. I've been busy listing the pros and cons of finding the right Montessori to continue his two years of Montessori preschool; reading up on the programs at various other types of private schools the area has to offer and of course contemplating a dive into public school *GASP.*

So I thought hmm, I'll call Jessamine County just to see when Kindergarten registration happens to be for the fall (thinking I had plenty of time to choose and let it all sink in). But no, the lady at the office said March 7. MARCH 7?!?!?! Are you kidding me...does she not realize my baby is still a baby March 7? Oh my gosh, my brain started spinning around in my head and I could barely focus on what she was saying. I had to have her repeat it all...yes, you need a birth certificate, social security card, immunization records, proof of residence oh and don't forget to bring your child so he can be screened. Screened for what? I'm not really worried about that, but still...wow. I don't know why this all comes as such a shock to me; in my mind I've been preparing for this for a year now - doing all the homework on finding the "perfect" school, thinking about uniforms, no uniforms, buses or no buses, after school programs or working my UK schedule around the school schedule...not once did I ever ponder the reality that this kid was actually going to go to Kindergarten.

And then it happened, I hung up the phone and the waterworks started. David walked in my office about that time bringing me a stash of glorious Dublin Dr. Pepper...so that was a plus, but he wondered why my eyes were full of tears. No, honey it really had nothing to do with my gratefulness of your taking time before you go to work to bring me some manna from heaven. So when I started blurting out "birth certificate, social security....wah, wah" he was just hugged me in complete oblivion...probably wise. He got a little chuckle when I told him what I was really talking about and then mumbled something about our baby growing up. SHUT UP, no he's not, he's going to stay my sweet little snuggler forever, don't you know that?!?! And if anyone...ANYONE...dares talk to me about how in two weeks from today that BABY is going to be FIVE years old...nelly bar the door, unless you are ready for a flood....SHUT UP!! NO WAY!!