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Saturday, January 10, 2009

You've got to let them fly...solo.

Today was the big day. The beginning of a new era at Legacy Gymnastics. You see, my son moved up to the three -year old "little foals" class. The past two sessions, the teachers had the luxury of either me or David chasing little flash around the gym and they thought he was so cute and talented. I'm wondering if Miss Amber's opinion didn't change today when she was the one chasing the flash and mommy and daddy were watching from the rafters?

Things started out okay; there ended up being only 3 kids in the class, which makes it a little easier on the teacher...but not much. They started out on the trampolines, pit and the "slide." Zach loves those things so she had no problem keeping him in line and nearby. Then it came time for stretching. Miss Amber plopped the kids up on a high mat and fully intended to get their muscles all stretched and ready to o, but Zachary saw it a an opportunity to stretch her patience. He kept jumping down and running off, all the while laughing and calling for Miss Amber to get him. They had a little heart to heart and I thought he was good to go - alas it lasted a full 2 mins or so. Zachary kept jumping and running all over the place and soon got one of the little girls to join in his antics. He eventually ended up in time out on the balance beam a few times, but he made it through. I told Amber it might serve her well to make him run suicides for about 20 minutes before he has to start the actual work. She thought it was funny, but she wasn't too distressed and chalked it up to his first day sans mom and dad. We'll see what she says when the antics persist well into this 10-week session. One down...nine to go...wow.

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