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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cats out the Wahzoo?

The title of this blog won't really make sense until the very end - so, wait for it; it's worth it!

Yesterday, Zachary woke up with a pretty pink eye and being the glass-half-full type, I tried to believe it was just allergies...well it wasn't. He's got the infection so we started treating him. Don't you just love putting drops in preschoolers eyes? That's another story, that I likely will NOT blog about!!

Regardless, Z spent the afternoon at home with Daddy and then they came to pick me up at the office. We had to stop by and pick up David's truck on the way to church so the two of them could go home while I stayed at church to sing. Zachary kept asking where we were going and he just couldn't understand why he couldn't go in church with me. He started fake crying and saying he didn't want me to sing. To which, I always reply "If God made you a singer, you have to sing."

After I said it this time, I could just see the wheels turning in his little head and after a few moments of silence, the conversation went like this:

Z: Where's God?
Me: In heaven
Z: In heaven? Where is Him?
Me: In heaven and in my heart.
Z: I wanna talk to him; where's your heart?
Me: In my body...errr, in my spirit. ( I was obviously digging a hole at this point since he really wasn't grasping the concept of the spiritual side of life haha).
Z: In your body? God in your body?
Me: Well, like I said in my spirit and I can talk to him whenever I want and so can you.
Z: I wanna tell him not to tell you to sing.
Me: Well honey, we can't tell God what to do. We can ask, but we can't tell him what to do.
Z: in your body? (he was clearly stuck on that phrase)
Me: Well, yes.
Z: silence
several moments later
Z: is Moppett there?
Me: Where?
Z: in your body?
Me: oh no, honey (Moppett was the cat we had to put to sleep before Christmas. I told Z she went to heaven, because I just didn't know what else to tell him then.)
Z: in your heart?
Me: I'll always love her in my heart.
Z: Moppett's in your heart? In your body? You say she in heaven with Jesus?
Me: Yes I told she was.
Z: K, so she in your body; Moppett's in your bottom.

What a tangled web we weave.


Carrie said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL - hilarious!!!! You'll have to ask Christa about Sarah's xray experience last week :)

Jennifer said...

oh hilarious!!! i started reading and ran to nick to read it aloud to him... we were both cracking up!!!

Misty Dawn said...


I love that kid!

(Cats go to heaven, I don't care what anyone says! If Jesus is gonna ride a horse, my cat's gonna be in heaven! lol)

Buddy Burton said...

yep. Isn't that the truth.