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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Donald's" is a confusing place to a kid

Yesterday was beautiful and I had the bright idea we would eat outside since it's Spring Break and no church supper. My plan was the more healthy Panera, Zachary's plan was the less healthy "donald's," what he calls McDonald's. He was set on playing on the slides and eating outside so I caved and said we'd do it.

We arrived, ordered and received our junk food and made our way to the playground door. When what to our wandering eyes did appear? A bright, sunny playground behind a locked door. The fit almost immediately ensued, but we calmed it by saying we'd go talk to the manager. That didn't do much good; they said it was closed because the tubes were wet inside and it just wasn't safe. I immediately began wondering why they were wet because I obviously hadn't woken up for the monsoon the night before. I was really confused, but began to explain to Z that it just wasn't going to happen today. Before you know it, several kids were on the verge of throw downs because of that locked door!! But fortunately, mine just gazed wistfully at the bright-colored playplace through the glass window, thinking of happier days.


jejic said...

I am going to hid this blog from my kids. They still don't know McDonald's exists. In fact Eli thinks it is a pizza place. Still not sure where he got that.

Misty said...

Awe, bless his little heart! I love that kid!