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Monday, May 17, 2010

Does God Know Her?

Anyone who's spent much time with Z knows that some pretty profound things come out of his mouth quite often. He's got a natural curiosity about everything...how it works, why it works a certain way, why people say or do the things they do. I think most people wonder these same things on a daily basis, maybe we just don't voice it as often as a preschooler. In the past few months, Z has been really curious about relationships, often asking if me and his daddy are married and why....if his friends parents are married....if so-in-so is a mommy, etc. But the most surprising relationship I've seen him dwell on is the relationship of God and His people.

I like to people watch...sit at a park or the mall or wherever and wonder about the people walking by. What's their story? Not creepy stuff, just wondering who they are, what they do, why they dress that way...haha anyway. Z apparently likes it too, but his questions are more intense. The conversation often goes like this:

Z: mommy, do God know her/him?
Me: well, yes, I believe God knows everyone.
Z: Does he/she know God?
Me: wow, well, you know, I don't know.
Z: why mommy? Will you go ask them?

How do you even answer that? He's just 4 but he stepped on my toes and it hurt a little bit. I wish I was more concerned with people passing by and if they have a relationship with Christ. I wish I had the boldness to ask them. I hope I never squelch his desire to know if God knows each person, if that person knows God and then to just pose the simple question.

I'm constantly amazed at how much little minds understand about the nature of God. As we get older, we complicate it so much...try to logically explain God, when you just can't. You have got to approach him as a child would, with complete faith and trust before the world pollutes the view.

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Misty Dawn said...

Your son is special. He amazes me.