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Monday, January 10, 2011

On the Grow Again

Z's already grown more than 4 inches this year, which I just find astounding. It's funny how the pattern is always the same: eat like a person that's been starved for a year, restless sleep with lots of sleep talking, belly pops out, eating stops almost completely, pants are two inches shorter. I know other moms have noticed the same pattern in their kids because we've laughed about it a lot. But even knowing about it, I still get amazed with each spurt. This one is scaring me because the "eat like a horse" phase went on for like two weeks straight. We'd eat a full meal and within 15 minutes he would have to "tell me a secret" which was usually just to say he was still hungry.

Yesterday, we noticed the eating has abruptly stopped; we couldn't get him to eat more than a couple bites of much of anything. And yes, the belly has arrived and he's having great fun poking it out there and patting it, then sucking it in and laughing. I am still in awe though that through all this growing and eating, he's only gained a pound this year! Insane! I'm pretty sure it's because he's always running, jumping, flipping, tackling teenage girls (yes, we are so ready for football to start this fall!) and basically climbing the walls all the time. I'm glad he likes to be so active. I'm glad he's not into video games yet and would rather ride his bike or play hide-n-seek with any willing participant. I hope he always loves to move. It's easier to teach healthy habits when they really enjoy exercise. I wish I enjoyed it!!

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