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Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting "Weddinged" again!

Ah yes, Feb. 13, 2011. According to Z mommy and daddy got "weddinged" again. Our church put together a vow renewal service and we were one of more than 40 couples to participate. We decided to make a pretty big deal of it and really solidify some things between us. It was healing, emotional and just so much darn fun.

The fun actually started last Wednesday on the way home from church. I started to explain it all to Z and get ready for the flurry of questions...and yes, there were lots. I told how mommy and daddy were going to basically "get married again." He couldn't figure out why that was necessary and kept saying they we already got "weddinged"and why would we need to do it again. I told him that he wasn't around to see if the first time and this would just reassure him that mommy and daddy really love each other and we are promising to keep our family together. Then I asked him if he'd walk me down the isle to daddy. I got a little resistance because he wanted to know how many people would be watching him. Once we reassured him we'd be walking with lots of people, he was fine with it and said "Oh yes, mommy; I'll walk you down there to daddy and I'm going to wear my best shirt and my best pants...from my sweat pants drawer." Ummm sweet, but NOO no sweatpants and a wedding dude...just wrong on so many levels. I told him we'd worry about what he would wear later.

I thought well, he's almost 5, he needs a suit and tie anyway...so yeah, went to Burlington and bought him one. Pants were huge, but the jacket covered it. Shoes were too big, we stuffed the toes with tissue paper! Got David a new suit too (guised as a valentine's present) Pants didn't fit, but the jacket worked and maybe no one could tell. My new dress was too big on top and I had to throw a black cami on last minute since we were in church afterall! Shelby Potter came over to do my hair and she rocked it...even got my grandmother's broach in there! Stupid last minute nylons were twisted so I had to make a last minute leg shaving trip before we FINALLY got to the church!

All lined up and ready to go...kids all around as the brides got ready to meet the grooms in the isle and then it happened. "MOMMY, I have to go potty BAD!" Like really? Right now? Right when we are going to walk down the isle. Other ladies were telling him to run outside and do it in the grass. He as appalled and just couldn't. I told him he'd have to hold it...and right then Kevin Cox said "Hey Z, when you get done walking your mom in...come back here and I'll take you to the potty!" OH thank you God in heaven, this kid's gonna be an excellent dad someday! So then we walked in...and Z walked back out...and I just prayed he found his way back to Kevin and ultimately Lily Sauteben who was so gracious to let him sit with her during the ceremony. Once we were reunited at the reception, Z handed me an offering envelope he'd kiped from the pew to draw on. I almost cried when I saw what he'd drawn -- a picture of Me, David and him...all holding hands, all smiling. He was so proud of himself...little cheeks turning red, dimples flashing...wow, I was so in love with my little family at that moment! My how God has blessed us; I mean really blessed us!

Once we got home, I asked Z which one in the picture was him...thinking it was the small one on the left. But he said no..."I'm the one in the middle and you guys are both holding my hands...and I'm swinging up and down and then I'm flipping over..."

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Susanne said...

This is precious! I hated to miss this night. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what it was like. Does anyone have a tape of it?