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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Driving Lessons

So a few nights ago, we all ate dinner around the table...try it sometime, you'll like it!!  (really, I promise!) Afterward we decided to take the dog (oh yeah, we got a puppy on Easter Sunday and that will be a blog post all it's own here in the near future) and go a few miles down to Z's new school. He'll start first grade in ONE week at Wilmore Elementary. Time is zooming by at warp speed I tell ya!  Anyway, it was a really nice evening and we loved watching Z enjoy his new playground and show us around the grounds. They took a trip to their new elementary schools the last week  of kindergarten so Z has already seen it all...and of course knows all about it ha!  Even though he won't be riding the bus since we are technically out of district, Z wanted us to show him where the buses drop off the students.

We got back in the car and he begged to sit in the front seat just in the parking lot so we let him sit on the console. That turned into Z begging to drive. Yes, he's 6 and can't reach the pedals but he thinks he could actually drive the car. One day at gymnastics he told me, "mommy I'll go get the car for you since it's raining and I'll pick you up at the door, okay?"  Umm, no not okay on any level. Well okay, maybe on the level that he was showing some very gentlemanly manners and respect for mom, but it just wouldn't work for many reasons...you know...the law, your height, your age, the fact that you've never driven a car bigger than a power wheels.  But I have digressed...so I agreed to let him steer while I commandeered the pedals. We drove round and round that circle and he was having so much fun. I could tell he felt really powerful and grown up. He scared David (who was riding shotgun) a few times and I'd just keep reminding him I had the brakes haha...it was hilarious.  He was laughing so hard and it is infectious for sure. But you know they say about what goes up ....must come down.  Z hates transition...hates for the fun to stop...loves to be tickled, hates when you stop.  I almost dread telling him the fun's over because I know his attitude will turn so sour. But really this time I didn't have to be the fun zapper...a policeman drove by the parking lot and I said "OH MY GOODNESS get back in your seat NOW, Cops haha.  It worked, but then yes, we got 'tude about how he wasn't done, wanted to keep doing the steering all the way home, and on and on. However, when I told him he would never drive again if he didn't get right...it all changed to "you're the best mommy in the world, I love you with all my heart, I love gypsy (the dog) so much I could cry sometimes." LOL barf...boys :)

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