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Monday, February 25, 2008

In Protest of Winter

Being the native Texan girl that I am, I can say without hesitation that I absolutely abhor winter. I'm being completely honest here, I despise, hate, loathe ... however you want to say it ... winter. You see, not being able to soak in the sun's rays for weeks at a time is really not my idea of fun. I don't enjoy playing in the snow. I don't enjoy sledding or ice skating or anything that involves having to put on a lot of clothes, heavy coat, hat, gloves, etc.

I'll take it a step further and just admit I do not like temperatures below 50 degrees. I think that must've been one of the first consequences of sin. God said "Fine, eat that apple, but believe me those fig leaves ain't even gonna begin to cut it when I strike you with WINTER."

I lived in Texas the majority of my childhood and I think it snowed enough to matter once. In my memories, it was a blizzard with a ton of snow. In pictures, our snowman looked more like a grassman because we apparently had to scrape the ground to get enough snow to create the monster. Now, once we moved to Oklahoma there was admittedly more snow. However, said snow would melt the next day, the sun would come out and it would be above 50 degrees until the next onslaught. I thought that was winter hell at the time...but then in 1999, I moved to Kentucky. My first winter, I don't think we saw the ground all of January. I remember talking with a colleague whose calves hadn't yet seen the sun about how shocked they would be when it finally decided to peek through the dreary winterhell sky. They probably went blind and thought, "What the...!!"

So, today I decided to protest winter by acting like it's not winter. David picked me up for my chiropractic appointment and then we went to lunch. At the chiro office, I shocked myself hanging up my stupid wool coat. I told the girl at the front desk I'd be so glad when shocking season is OVER. She agreed and then I just got in a bad mood about winter all over again. We left and drove to Ramsey's. I decided right then and there to pretend it wasn't winter. I left my wool coat in the car and braved the 30-yard walk to the door. We walked in and I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was nutso butso, and well, I probably am, but dad gum it (I can't stop using that term from my Texas granny) I am sick of winter!!!!!!!

Don't worry, I'm not going to go put on my bathing suit and jump in the frigid Kentucky River to continue this charade, because it just didn't work. Even with all my efforts to pretend otherwise, it's still winter...dad gum it!


queenhaiku said...

okay...so i have lived here my whole life and i don't like anything below 75. Winter just flat out sucks!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your posts...now that I've discovered your blog...hugs

queenhaiku said...

it was almost warm enough today.

aimeenky said...

yeah, almost. 73 is nice when there is NO cold wind. Geez we're picky, but I don't feel it's that much to ask for :)

Misty said...

I'm with you and Bett...queenie on this one. I hate cold weather! I'm ready to skip spring and move on to summer!