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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thank you Jesus for Cheseeeeee!

I must say that from about a day old, Zach has commanded the attention of the young females at our church. A few of the girls even came to see him and hold him in the hospital. I have always joked that there will come a time in his life when he's confused as to why all the girls don't want to kiss him. He's been so blessed to have all the attention and he really LOVES it. Now that's he talking more and learning all their names, we have a new "issue." It's not really a problem, but he repeats the girls names over and over again if we even come within a mile of the Kurch (his word for church). Last night as we passed the church, Zach started asking for Cheseeeeee (Chelsea), which is understandable because she usually sits with him if we are all at Wed. supper and she plays with him a lot. We've even taken Zach to see her where she works. Each time he said her name, it got louder and longer. He really wanted to see her! I kept telling him we'll see her tomorrow at church and he'd yell "NO, I wanna see her, hold her." It was pathetically cute and I told "Cheseeeeee" on her facebook wall that if I had $100 for every time he said her name last night, I'd be quite wealthy for a day's pay.

After we got home, the routine went as usual - cooking in his play kitchen, eating supper in the real kitchen, bath, books, bed. I was holding him before putting him down to bed and we were singing songs that he likes. He stopped and said pay...he wanted me to pray. So we held hands and bowed our heads and he waited for me to start the words. I always thank Jesus for simple things and people in his life like his family, friends, books, etc. Well I was in the middle of this and he looked up and said

Zach: "mommy? cheseee?"
Me: Oh do you want to thank Jesus for Chelsea?
Zach: Yesth
Me: okay, you can do that
Zach: Thank Jesuh fo cheseeeeee

It was so sweet, then he went down the list and thanked Jesus for MawMaw (my mom who he must call almost daily), Owie (his aunt Lori) Shebeee (Shelby), Emma, Hayee (Haylie) and Kim; Jenfuh, Nick, Nina (Linda babysitter), Papaw (babysitter's husband), mommy, daddy, Ayden, Alyssa, and on and on. I was amazed at how many people he could remember by name. He repeated a few, but mostly said all original names.

I think it's great that he's learning the concept of being thankful and learning that we can pray about the people we love and thank the Lord for them. Now some people would say a two year old could never understand the concept of God and Jesus and prayer, but I have to disagree somewhat. He understands in his two-year-old way and that's all he needs to understand right now.

The picture is of him and "Cheseeeee" last fall. She took it at Judgment House on her cell phone. Oh, he's the Zebra haha


Chelsea said...

and thank you Jesus for Zachary too! ;)

Buddy Burton said...

AWWWW!!! Too sweet.