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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Daddy Book

There's a really cute Dr. Seuss book called The Belly Book. It basically talks about all kinds of bellies, human, animal, big, small, etc. Zachary loves the book and we read it often at bedtime. He gets a chuckle out of talking about bellies period. Yesterday morning after he woke up, he wanted to come lay in bed with me for awhile. So we laid there while David was getting dressed, when Zach pointed to David's belly and said "Daddy belly!" David patted himself on the belly and we talked about how we'd read the Belly Book the night before. Zach sat quiet staring at David's stomach for a few seconds, wheels turning in his mind as usual. Then he said, matter of factly, The Daddy Book! haha we all go such a good laugh out of that. Funny thing is ...David's been going to the gym for months!

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