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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not cute enough?

So yet another story surfaces today about the Chinese not telling the whole truth about something. Yesterday we found out that the fireworks in the opening ceremony were "digitally enhanced" for the television viewing audience...read FAKE! Now today a story surfaces that the 7-year-old girl whose voice was deemed the best was not allowed to sing the national anthem for the ceremony because she was not cute enough. That's just freaking ridiculous. I saw a photo of her and she's a sweet, innocent looking child. But the chinese officials said her teeth were crooked and they thought the national audience would understand what they had to do. So....they chose a "prettier" girl and made her lip-sync to the "ugly" girls voice. OH MY GOSH, that just infuriates me. The "ugly" girl said she understood and it was an honor for her voice to be used in the games...WHATEVER. Imagine that poor child's self esteem struggle. Imagine how crappy that must've made her parents feel. I don't know about you, but if someone ever tells me Zach's not cute enough for something, Nelly bar the door!

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Andrew's Mommy said...

These "decision makers" are just not right. That is totally wrong. I read that story in the paper yesterday, too, and about choked.


PS I am dying to see Zach's new bed!!!!