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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Potty Training Rewind

Holy, Holy, Holy...last night Zach told me he actually likes to go pee pee in his pants now. We'd come so far and were having minimal accidents and then he just decides to go on strike. Now last time I checked, toddlers didn't have the option to join a potty union so he's going to have to submit to his leaders at some point.

I mean really, we've been at this (at his leading) for more than 8 months now. And yes, I did buy the entire "Potty Training in Day" system. That lady is insane...seriously insane if she thinks my einstein is going to submit to that crap. It would give the parents too much leverage if kids actually potty trained in a day. What a false sense of hope that book shoves in our face?!? I'm sure there are those rare kiddos that actually get it in one day, but come on!!!!!!!

The conversation went something like this when I got to Linda's to pick him up yesterday afternoon.

Me: Zach how did you do on the potty today?
Zach: I pee pee in my pants!
Me: Where does the pee pee go?
Zach: In da potty, mommy!
Me: That's right! So, why are you putting it in your pants?
Zach: ummmm, becuz
Me: Because why?
Zach: ummm, becuz I like go pee pee in in in my pants! I like the pee pee in pants, yeah...I do!
Me: Ewww, that's gross; you like to be wet?
Zach: ummm, yeah, I do!! (followed by jumping and turning in circles).
Me: that's just nasty
Zach: naseee?
Me: yes, nasty! You need to keep your pants dry all day, like you did over the weekend.
Zach: Ummm no, I don't; I like pee pee in....my pants!!!

I realized at this point, I'd lost the battle for the day and there was no point in continuing. Now he won't poop in his pants, he thinks that's gross, so at least we have that. But gracious!

Speaking of potty training rewind - last week we took Zach to the pediatric GI clinic. He had been constipated once and I asked our pedi about running the celiac blood panel on him just to check; not because he'd been constipated, but because of my gluten intolerance and the possibility that Zach inherited that. He referred us to pedi GI and that's where the fun started.

We waited TWO HOURS in the exam room waiting for what I thought would be a GI specialist to come in and discuss bloodwork for Zach. Well all we saw was a nurse practitioner. Granted, NP's do know A LOT and sometimes take more time with you than a doctor, but considering our wait in a speciality clinic, I expected to see a specialty doctor! She came in lecturing me about the seriousness of celiac disease and the strictness of a gluten free diet, which DUH, I know; I've been doing it since March. She asked me if I really wanted Zach to have that label...well yes if he has it, I want to know. Anyway, the constipation came up and she wrote down "stool witholding" on his chart. I said he hadn't been doing that; he'd actually only gone one day without going. The rest of the time, he asked to go and he did it in the potty.

She told me that "despite what other people think, it's still potty training if your child can tell you they have to go and you say 'okay honey, let me put a pull up on you and you can go in it,' that's still progress and the child showing you they understand." WHAT THE HECK?? There is no way I'm rewinding all of it and telling him to poo in his pants even if he does tell me he has the urge. That was the lamest thing I've ever heard. I know I'm a first-time mom, but give me some credit; that is complete bull. I wonder if her school age kids still ask for poo poo pants when they have to go. WHATEVER! :)

I was going to write some really philosophical analogy, but I just can't lol; I can't lol.


Misty said...

I'm so glad that he didn't decide to like pee pee in his pants when he was with me last Sunday. (By the way, your kid is awesome, but you knew that!)

And that nurse, p.a., whatever....dumb!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you're going with the flow so to speak (pun intended)...potty training is like everything else with children, they all do it differently...we thought Caitlin would never go #2 in the potty and Matthew was the opposite but i think seeing his big sister using the potty made a big difference. I was all worried about potty training a boy because so many ppl said it was much harder than girls...not in my book it isn't. Matthew is working on the overnight potty training...so far so good. Matthew goes to the same GI's office (I think...we have Dr. Shasidar)for his yearly Celiac check-up next month and we are also going to have Caitlin tested again now that she's older...partly because she's having some bowel/constipation issues. Her appt was with a Whitehurst which I think is a NP...maybe that's who you saw? It's hard to see Dr. Shasidar in person, even if you're an existing patient. Constipation can be an issue when you're potty training but it can also be a Celiac related issue...which is a less common symptom...most ppl get diarreha or vomit but Matthew was constipated from his rectum through his entire colon when he was admitted to UK Children's. Laxatives 3x a day was not fun for any of us but I was glad I didn't have to do the laundry. Anyway...it will all come together before you know it ♥♥♥

aimeenky said...

yeah it was Whitehurst...I guess we just didn't mesh.