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Friday, October 17, 2008

Escaped certain death in the bathroom!

Once my heart pounding subsided, I realized the humor of the situation I got into last night. I also realized the blessing. After MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at church last night, I made a little side trip to the bathroom by the gym. When I was leaving the stall, I unlatched the door and began to open it. It immediately fell off its hinges and barely missed my toe, but then the walls came crumbling down...literally. There are marble walls that divide the stalls in that bathroom and marble panels that hold the doors as well. When the door fell, the marble panel attaching the door to the stall divider went crashing forward. It fell perfectly between the sinks and broke into several pieces. I ran out the bathroom door and The other steering team members who were still there came to see what had happened. They heard the crash from the gym.

I realized I hadn't washed my hands in all that excitement, so I went back in the bathroom to do that and survey the full extent of the damage. Somehow the stall door had wedged itself under the marble stall divider, fortunately for me that stopped the wall from falling on me! I washed my hands and got out of there before the whole room collapsed!

We found one of the custodians still at the church and told him he needed to go in the women's bathroom but didn't really tell him why. All the sudden we heard him laughing hysterically. It was pretty funny, but I couldn't see the humor until my heart rhythm normalized! It may sound silly, but even in that I can see God's protection and I'm so thankful for it.

I quickly told the other girls that this only happened because Judgement House is next week and that's the bathroom they use since the other bathroom is across the hall from one of the main scenes. It makes me excited in a way because Judgement House is obviously going to be very good if Satan is using the lamest of all tricks to mess it up!


Buddy Burton said...

Satan will do ANYTHING to mess up what God's children commit to.

I remember when the power went out at church when they were voting on the land out on Nicholasville Rd and Bill Crawford went and got a portable microphone and speaker.

The score that time was God=1 Satan=0.

aimeenky said...

the funny thing is, Satan's score never budges :)

EGs' Mom said...

Actually it is good timing . . . from the standpoint that we have time to fix it before JH.
Of course all of us will remember it as the time Aimee broke the bathroom! :)

aimeenky said...

haha yeah I guess you're right. You will always be my "glass half full" girl!

Brett said...


betty said...

or in this case 'bowl half full' hahahahaha