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Saturday, January 19, 2008

And there was PEE PEE!

I never knew how excited I could get over the potty...until today at 12:19 p.m. when Zachary FINALLY got it at 23 months 2 days old. He pee pee'd in the potty!! The price was a mere two jelly belly jelly beans and there it was, miracle of all miracles....PEE PEE!! Now we could have done without him having his hand in the stream, but hey at least it happened.

He has been interested in the bathroom and the potty since Thanksgiving, but actually making a deposit has been elusive. You would've thought he was the superbowl winning quarterback; oh the celebration we threw. I almost broke into the Hallelujah chorus; we were singing and dancing and high-fives all around. We'll see if he can remember what he did after his nap....but I'll savor this for now :)

Saturday of a three-day weekend, can't get much better than this.

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