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Friday, March 14, 2008

Going National: Follow up to my Elvis sighting

Well it turns out that the Elvis I saw was only an impersonator, but a pretty "good" one it seems - the story of his arrest made national news. He was a Lexington, Ky. resident who was on his way to a court appearance for stalking and violating a protective order. He was also intoxicated with blood alcohol levels at more than twice the legal limit. Hey, at least he wasn't driving to that court appearance haha. The funny thing is that he told police and court officials that he didn't think he was violating the protective order if he was impersonating Elvis at the time. I guess he figures he wasn't David Blaissell if he was choosing to be Elvis. What strange logic, eh?

He apparently stayed "in character" during his entire courtroom appearance even serenading police with popular Elvis tunes such as "Love Me Tender." They said he did sing Jailhouse Rock on his way to the detention center after his court appearance.
It all sounds humorous, but in a way I feel sorry for this guy because he obviously believes he is Elvis, enough to believe he doesn't have to obey an EPO as long as he's "being" Elvis.

Wouldn't it be convenient if we could choose to be someone else while we're doing wrong and hurtful things to others? It's not really a far stretch to say I've probably done something similar...dodged the blame for something I knew was wrong....made an excuse that I just wasn't myself that day and that's why I behaved a certain way... So David Blaisell, you're not any worse than any of us and I seriously hope you get the help you need, oh and some new clothes :)

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Misty said...

Oh my...I'm glad you put up a picture. I was wondering what the dude looked like.

Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I've had it super short before, and the first time I went short I loved it and it was a bit traumatic. This time, I just love it. Went all the way to Pike Co. to ge this do, lol. I told my hair dresser to do what he thinks would look good on me and this is what he did. I gave him no suggestions whatsoever, he just went to cuttin' and a colorin'.