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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Toddler's really have no size perception

Zach has started pointing out things on our drive home each night, naming each one and saying it over and over again followed or preceeded by "Mommy." He needs to know that I know that he knows the names of things.

So last night we were driving by Stokely's Marine, like every other night and Zach was saying "Mommy, boat! BOAT, Mommy! Right der, Mommy! BOAT!" I was agreeing with him and telling him how smart he is for knowing what a boat is called. Then I decided to mess with him a bit, I just couldn't resist, as is often the case.

Me: "So, you like those boats?"
Zach: "Yesth"
Me: "Do you want to take one home?"
Zach eyes widening "YESTH!"
Me: "Do you want to take it home and put it in the bathtub with you tonight?"
Zach: "YESTH!"
Me: "haha do you really think it will fit in your bathtub, bean?"
Zach (bean): "yeah."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Zach: "YESTH, Mommy!"

David and I started laughing a little but Zach kept yelling for the boat as we passed by and then I felt a tiny bit bad for messing with him.

This morning on the way in, in the half-dark morning Zach was doing his usual pointing out of the moon, cars, etc. Then we pass Stokely's again and he said "MOMMY, I want it!" while pointing at the boats. I really did feel bad then.


Misty said...

Way to go Moms! LOL My mom did stuff like to me all the time when I was growing up. They make for great stories as an adult. I'll have to post a few. Heck, my mom STILL likes to mess with my mind, LOL.

I went to visit a friend last year and her daughter was 2 at the time and did the same thing. If we passed construction she'd point and say "Oh no! A mess! Mommy, a mess!" And for every McDonald's we passed it was "Cheeezbiggah!" Eventually we had to stop to get said cheeezbiggah.

betty said...

well now you've done it...clearly you have to go buy one now or what kind of a mother are you?...i would NEVER mess with my kids like that;) just ask jordan!

betty said...

did i ever tell u about the time nate and i told jordan that when she was little the doctors told us she was mildly retarded but if we didn't treat her differently she may never realize? her eyes got so big...now THAT was fun!!

aimeenky said...

We are clearly VERY cruel mother's Betty, we should seek therapy hahaha

Buddy Burton said...

Next thing he'll want is a new car from Toyota on Nicholasville. HA, HA!!