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Friday, March 28, 2008

Kiss My Mole!

Every night Zachary and I read a book about Trucks. Each page has a different truck with a different texture or function. Each page also has other items like animals, planes, trees, etc. Usually, I point to the other items and ask him to tell me what they are and if it's an animal what sound it makes. He usually gets them all correct, but animal stumps him every time - a mole. I'll point to it and ask him what it is and he just endlessly stares but never attempts to tell me (even though, I've told him several times). The last two nights I figured out why he's so stumped.

This may be TMI, but I have a mole high on my chest, near my shoulder. When he was still pretty small, he discovered said mole and to this day, thinks it's the funniest thing ever. He'll touch it and laugh; he can find it in the dark. He used to try to pinch it and scratch it...well you get the idea; he is enamored with my mole. Wednesday night, I pointed to the mole in the book and said "mole." Zachary started laughing and saying it too. Apparently a light bulb flashed in his head because he put one finger on the mole in the book and one finger on MY mole and just kept giggling. That was funny enough in itself, but then he took his paci out of his mouth (yes he still uses his paci at night) and said "I kiss it." I asked him what he was going to kiss and he said "you mole mommy." Oh dear, here we go with mole obsession again...and then he did it; he kissed my mole, and he kissed it again and again, laughing all the while.

I think we need to find another book - or maybe I should just get the mole removed!


Misty said...

That's hilarious!

Buddy Burton said...

Oh Zachy.

Another book or remove mole?

The latter would be better.

betty said...

does your mole look like the one in the picture?:) if so, i say remove it!

Carolyn said...

Too funny!!
oh my gosh Nathan use to be obsessed with a mole on my neck. Anytime he would feel stressed or needed comforting he would rub my mole.

Claire said...

I have been thinking about this off and on all day LOL Just wondering what must have been going thru his head the first time you told him mole. I am sure he was wondering if your mole was going to turn into a furry animal or vice versa. Just too funny!