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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's gonna be a rocker, I just know it

Zach is so interested in music and it seems his favorite thing to listen to is anything with a lot of intensity in drums/guitar/bass. So yeah, he may be heading for a future of guitar attachment and riding buses from town to town haha.

Seriously though, there are very few "kiddie" songs he likes. He's very content to, and even asks to, listen to the radio or my CD collection. He's especially fond of some groups I followed around and hung out with in college (Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mike McClure Band, Stoney Larue, etc.) This would make my friends in these bands happy I'm sure...a two-year-old fan club member. It just cracks me up. I am thoroughly grateful that we don't have to spend long hours listening to Veggie Tales and Barney - it's definitely a perk.

Yesterday morning we had to sit in the car in the driveway of the babysitter's driveway so he could finish listening to a CCR song. He was jamming in the car seat, bobbing his head, kicking his feet to the rhythm and moving his fingers for some reason...either the air guitar or the air piano...whatever. It was entertaining and he was enjoying it so much. He also yells for me to turn it up loud...to the point that I cannot hear him talking. I try to oblige him as much as I can, but I think if we got it loud enough for him, it would damage his ears for sure. I'll try to go find the song he was listening to....

I'm a techno idiot today apparently...I can't figure out how to post a song on blogger grrrr. It's Wanna Rock & Roll - CCR.


Misty Dawn said...

Cross Canadian Ragweed...oh the memories.

Well, when he becomes a rocker, I'll be his "no" person. "No you can't get backstage", "No he won't sign autographs", "No he won't say hi to your momma on the phone".

I always wanted to be the "no" person.

aimeenky said...

Okay, dish on your CCR memories. I had no idea you knew who they were! I was lost in my red dirt world in college at Oklahoma State. There's a sign of mine on the inside cover of one of their CD jackets ...I'll tell you the story sometime. Sounds like we have much to talk about ;)

Misty Dawn said...

Eh, I don't have much of a story. They played some shows with Dierks Bentley during and right after I was dating Dierks's tour manager.