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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Nursery Files

I wonder if the nurseries of other churches are as challenging as ours? In a big church, there are a lot of children, which requires a large number of volunteers. Ideally, everyone who has children volunteers in the ministry in some way. If that happened, you probably wouldn't see frustrated, burned out children's workers. Most ministries have fewer volunteers than participants and children's ministry is certainly no exception. I think it's really great to see people volunteering who don't have young children, it's quite remarkable if you think about it.

Being able to leave your child in a fun, safe place with interactive volunteers whom you trust is a luxury for certain. I "teach" the creepers Sunday school class at my church and I love "my" babies. We have a great time blowing bubbles, finding suitable art projects and singing songs and I'm blessed with responsible ladies who rotate in each week to help out...Darlene, Terri, Michelle, Kathy and Abby and Rachel...you girls are awesome and I'm never worried that you won't show up without calling or trying to swap dates if you have conflicts.

However, we've had a problem lately with the reliability of the workers who relieve us in time for us to go to choir/church service. Sometimes they just don't show up..or only one of the two does. They don't call to let anyone know or try to find a replacement. Not all of them do this, but take yesterday for example...NO ONE came. Thankfully I was not scheduled to sing on praise team and Michelle and I were able to stay. Three times in the last month, one of us has had to stay for church because of a no-show. Usually I didn't find out about it until afterwards because when one of the workers comes, I leave to go sing.

I guess I'm just venting a little because I certainly don't mind taking care of the kiddos. I love them like my own when they are in my care. But, I have other obligations too that require me to rely on the responsibility of others to remember when they are serving. I didn't think that was asking too much, but apparently it is.

Pretty much everyone who reads my blog (that I know of) takes their responsibilities very seriously. The ones who need to hear what I'm saying will never read this hahahaha, isn't it ironic?


Misty Dawn said...

This kills me. Especially since the church has started back with the reminder cards and calls. I did miss the one Sunday that I didn't get a card or call and felt absolutely awful, but we do have a couple (aka TWO) who are either always late are are no-shows.

I think after two consecutive (just to make it less drastic) Sundays in your rotation of not showing up or being over 15 minutes late, you should be dropped from the list.

Just My Opinion.

Any time someone doesn't show up in the creepers during church time, come get me. I always sit toward the front on the side closest to the creepers room. I'd be happy to come in whenever needed. I love those kiddos.

aimeenky said...

You're so sweet. I know things come up and any normal person would occasionally forget, but it's gotten chronic. I would tend to agree about being dropped from the list, the only problem is not having a pool of waiting volunteers to fill in hehe. Hopefully one day, we'll have a plethora of volunteers and everyone will be on time and smiling and ...hey, who am I kidding hahaha Thanks for the offer, I'll tell Wayne that. I think all this is stressing him; he does a good job of looking relaxed though :)

Misty Dawn said...

Heh, you could assign me a number and flash it on the boxes and I'll know I'm needed. HA HA

aimeenky said...

haha I'll have to see what the very last number on the board is and assign it to the 911 crew. I thought about using 911, but might freak people out in the sanctuary!

Misty Dawn said...

HA HA! That'd be funny. We could be 912, though!

Kelly said...

the bed babies use 000. lol. If it pops up, you can find a couple of us leaving the sanc. So you might want to stay away from this one, otherwise there could be a slight mix up. I do rotation over there, but if you want, let me know your code and I would be happy to pop my head in if you put up the number.