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Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's on my belly?

I had a lot of fun today and got 40 pages done in Zachary's digital babybook. I'm using Blurb.com software and it's awesome! I spent the day at an all-day crop with our church's Stepping Stones scrapbooking group. They cut and glue and maneuver photos on paper; I do it all on my computer. It's still fun to sit together and talk about our lives and look at each other's photos...even though I'm doing things different than they are doing it.

After David took Zachary to gymnastics and gymboree without me this morning, they stopped by the church to bring lunch and eat with me. Zach was looking at my laptop screen and saw a picture of himself. It was taken just after he was born and he was in his birthday suit with an oxygen sensor taped to his belly by a gold hear sticker and the plastic doo hickey they put on the umbilical cord area. There were also bracelets on his ankles and a wrist. We asked him who was in the picture and he said it was Zachary. Then he said.. "I a baby on your puter?" But then he just stared and stared at the screen and started to ask what was on his belly. I explained about the heart sticker and the doo hickey. He was still concerned and kept looking under his shirt at his belly button and asking me what was wrong with it on the puter.

It was really cute, but even after we dropped the subject, he kept walking over to the computer to stare at that photo; he just seemed so confused.

When I came home, I showed him all the pages I'd finished and we came to one where I was feedin him from one of those tiny bottles they give you at at the hospital. He was wrapped in a blanket with a little knitted hat on his head. Zachary was staring at this photo asking me what was on his head...I told him about the hat and he said:

"NO, what is coming out of my head?" He was talking about the bottle haha. It was too cute!

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Misty Dawn said...

He is the sweetest child ever!